When Football Came Home

The Story of Euro 96

Euro '96 represents much more than just a football tournament for so many, taking place during what we now regard as an era of football's re-birth. The fall of the Soviet Union saw several newly independent countries compete for the first time at a major competition, along with a cast of characters in Germany, Holland, Italy, and France, who had dominated the international scene for so much of the previous decade. Hosts England were going through a cultural boom of their own, with Britpop and Cool Britannia capturing the social zeitgeist of the time. Meanwhile, the burgeoning success of the Premier League facilitated the meteoric rise of a team that had failed so miserably under Graham Taylor yet carried an outside chance under Terry Venables. Within this series, our writers will deliver a complete tactical and statistical analysis of each game at Euro '96, breathing new life into a tournament that is still fondly remembered.


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Group D

Knock Out Rounds

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