Flashback Series

Analyzing Classic Games of the Past

When football entered the age of visual technicolor, the medium went beyond a simple transfer of pictures. The connection it formed with the viewer began with laying out a narrative that captured the imagination, whetting the appetite for the contest that was to come. Such was the rarity of live television coverage that even those who had no predisposed affinity with the competing teams fell captive to the intregaue of what lay ahead. Our Flashback series will delve into those early years of live football broadcasting and bring to life some of the games most dramatic encounters. As well as providing a detailed breakdown of the match, we also study the wider football landscape and the context of this game within it. Should you wish to suggest a game for us to cover, contact us via our twitter handle @analysisretro.

Aberdeen vs Real Madrid

Nigeria vs Cameroon

Scotland vs England

Newcastle vs Barcelona

Manchester United vs Arsenal

Marseille vs AC Milan

Leeds United vs Rangers

Holland vs England

Juventus vs Inter Milan

Manchester United vs FC Barcelona

England vs Argentina

Lazio vs AC Milan

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