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We at Retro Football Analysis are constantly expanding our team of volunteer writers. We welcome anyone who shares our passion for retro football to write about any topic they choose. Whether you’d like to cover a world-famous cup final or a more niche area of football that deserves a wider audience, every writer has the space to create content how they see fit. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a beginner looking to make strides in football, we intend to provide as much assistance as possible, including sourcing match footage. Email and we will respond to all emails promptly. Alternatively you can connect with our lead writers on twitter @allybain and @stewartflaherty.

Picture of Alistair Bain

Alistair Bain

Alistair is a native of Hamilton, Scotland, and an A License qualified coach with vast experience in the football industry. Currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, Alistair's resume includes a variety of roles within football clubs in Scotland, England, and the United States.
Picture of Stewart Flaherty

Stewart Flaherty

Stewart is a native of Middlesbrough, England, and is a graduate of Loughborough University with a master's degree in sport psychology. Stewart has an extensive background in football, working with a variety of NCAA college soccer programs, as well as working with several leading youth clubs in the USA. Stewart is currently serving as Technical Director within a men's professional soccer club.