Euro 96 Qualifying Campaign

The draw for the Euro 96 Qualification campaign was made on the 22nd of January 1994 in Manchester and was an altogether more low key affair than is presented today.

With England naturally exempt from qualification due to hosting, Denmark were seeded first as title holders with the remaining 46 teams were divided into six pots. The teams then formed 8 qualifying groups and over the next 10 match days would battle it out for a place in at the Championship Finals in just over two years time.

Below we have collated a twitter thread charting the qualification journey of each of the 16 sides that would go on to achieve qualification for Euro 96. Because the tournament itself lives so strongly in the memory, we perhaps forget the twists and turns, along with the ups and downs, that would create such a fascinating qualifying series.

Romania –

Spain –

Switzerland –

Croatia –

Czech Republic –

Portugal –

Germany –

Russia –

France –

Denmark –

Turkey –

Italy –

Holland –

Bulgaria –

Scotland –

England –

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