Data Analysis

A Modern Analysis of Classic Games From the Past

Alistair has 20 years of coaching experience, working within professional club football in Scotland, England and the United States.

Alistair has also accrued vast experience in forming both video and data analysis. In 2015 he was awarded the USSF A License qualification.

Newcastle vs Barcelona – 1997 UCL Group Stage Data Analysis

Newcastle United 3-2 FC Barcelona UEFA Champions League Group C September 17th, 1997 St. James’ Park, Newcastle By Alistair Bain (@allybain) To give us some context on the data here is a quick overview of each team: Newcastle Attacking Structure Newcastle set up in a 442 system defensively, but would morph into a 4132 inContinue reading “Newcastle vs Barcelona – 1997 UCL Group Stage Data Analysis”

Aberdeen vs Real Madrid – 1983 Cup Winners Cup Final Data Analysis

Aberdeen 2-1 Real Madrid UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup Final May 10th, 1983 Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden By Alistair Bain To give us some context on the data here is a quick overview of each team: Aberdeen Attacking Structure Aberdeen set up in a 442 shape, that was really only evident when defending. In attack it wouldContinue reading “Aberdeen vs Real Madrid – 1983 Cup Winners Cup Final Data Analysis”

Euro 96 Top 5 Attackers Analysis

by Alistair Bain (@allybain) Euro 96 – Best Individual Attacking Performances Within this article we identify the top 5 highest ranking individual attackers at Euro 96, breaking down why they were so important to their team’s overall attack play. Top 5 Statistical Attackers When building an analysis of the best overall attackers at Euro 96Continue reading “Euro 96 Top 5 Attackers Analysis”

Euro 96 Round 2 Attack Analysis

By Alistair Bain (@allybain) Now that Round 2 of matches has drawn to a close, let’s take a closer look at each team’s attacking performance and see whether there have been any upgrades since our last breakdown. Lowest Attackers Last weeks lowest scoring attackers Turkey move themselves into mid table this round, after a departureContinue reading “Euro 96 Round 2 Attack Analysis”

EURO 96 Qualifying – Top 5 Goal Scorers

Goals are the lifeblood of football. They are the primary objective of every team and every manager, and in a tournament setting no silverware is lifted without a productive offensive structure. Within our up coming analysis of Euro 96 we will use this mindset when breaking down each teams attacking performance statistically, however as we preview the tournament,Continue reading “EURO 96 Qualifying – Top 5 Goal Scorers”

Euro 96 Squad Analysis

On May the 22nd 1996 the Champions League Final between Ajax and Juventus, at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, would bring an end to the European Club football calendar for the 95/96 season. This allowed all 16 managers of the participating nations the opportunity to assess their available players, take part in pre-tournament training campsContinue reading “Euro 96 Squad Analysis”

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