Official Launch

Hello and welcome to Retro Football Analysis, a website dedicated to providing modern day analysis of classic games from the past.

We will use a variety of different audio and visual mediums to provide you with top quality analysis that bring famous games to life, delving deeper into the performance and using context to better help our understanding.

Here are our website owners and primary content providers.

Alistair and Stewart have extensive experience in football coaching and analysis, both of whom have been part of multiple title winning teams and aided the development of players who perform at the professional level throughout the world.

Alistair had this to say regarding the launch of Retro Football Analysis:

“I love watching classic games in my spare time, so now having the opportunity analyze them in greater depth is something I look forward to greatly. We are confident that we can provide a platform that is both engaging and educational, and will also serve to help those who seek to gain a greater understanding of how our game has evolved into what we see today.”

Stewart added this:

Both Alistair and I believe that we can use games from the past to help our own development as coaches. By shining a light on classic teams and managers, many of whom aren’t given the credit they are due, it gives us a new perspective on how we frame analysis of our own team dynamic. With these things in mind we believe we have created a platform that will offer help to football professionals, but more importantly provide all readers with an enjoyable experience a pleasant trip down memory lane.”

You too can join our analysis team by reaching out to either Stewart or Alistair via their twitter handles listed above.

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